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OngetBreakValue ResetPageNo

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Using 10.07 and Delphi7 I am trying to optionally Perform a PageBreak and
Reset the PageNo per variables set in the database record for the group.
The page break works fine, the ResetPageNo does not. Here is my code:

Report.Groups[0].NewPage := plnCaption['NewPage'] = 'Y';
Report.Groups[0].NewPage:- plnCaption['NewReport'] = 'Y';

Am I missing something?




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    In the code you posted, I do not see anything about ResetPageNo, both lines
    say Report.Groups[0].NewPage.

    That said, I do not think conditionally configuring the group properties
    will work. Most Group properties are designed to be configured prior to
    calling Report.Print. This is similar to generation properties such as

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    Nard Moseley
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