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Cancel or Stop report from RAP

edited June 2008 in RAP

RB 10.08, D2007.

I am using the ReportOnInitializeParameters event in RAP to pop up a couple
of dialogs in order to capture some user info (this is not related to
autosearch values).

In this event, they can cancel the dialog and the report gets cancelled by
setting the ACancel parameter to True. All OK so far.

However, this event does not get fired when the user re-previews the report
from within the preview window. It only fires the first time.

My question is, which other event could I display these dialogs and still
stop the rest of the report if they click cancel?

The events I've tried, such as BeforePrint, do pop up the dialogs for each
preview but calling Report.Stop ( in RAP ) doesn't seem to have any effect.

Can anyone help please?

Regards, Paul.


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