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Passing a GROUP statement in SQL

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Depending on a user's choice (custom UI) I might want to modify a report's
SQL statement to include a GROUP statement. How is this possible at

RB 6.03



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    Why are you posting 3/16/2002? Today is 3/16/2004.
    Please correct the date on your machine.

    RAP is designed to enable the developer and end-user to perform calculations
    and dynamically control report elements while the report is generating.
    Except for a couple of the AutoSearch related events such as
    BeforeAutoSearchDialogCreate and OnGetAutoSearchValues, the events in RAP
    fire after the report engine is initialized, which is too late to modify the

    The AutoSearch related events described above only fire in the case in which
    AutoSearch fields have been defined for the report.

    If you are using the ReportExplorer to load the templates from the database,
    you might try using the Report.Template.OnLoadEnd event to initialize the
    SQL. This event fires when the report is loaded from the database. For an
    example of using this event, see RBuilder\Demos\EndUser\ReportExplorer.

    This example shows how to extract the TdaSQL object from a TdaQueryDataView
    and modify it.


    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

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    Nard Moseley
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