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How to print a detail band any times per one record?

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I have a database with 5 records and each record have two fields
fromTicketNo, toTicketNo (numeric). Now I want to print the detailband for
every record the information of this record x (value printtimes) times.

Example Table "PrintTickets":

Titel Price fromTicketNo toTicketNo
The Hero 5 $ 5 7
The Last Progammer 8 $ 8 12

Now I want to have 8 printed tickets:

The Hero 5 $ 5
The Hero 5 $ 6
The Hero 5 $ 7
The Last Progammer 8 $ 8 ... and so on

Can someone provide me with some hints on how to do this?

Thanks in advance!



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    The detail band will print once for every record in the dataset. You need to
    place all of the controls in the detail band so that you can print the data
    this way in one detail band print. Since the number of fields is constant,
    then you know that you'll have to have a detail band like this:

    dbText(Titel) dbText(Price) dbText(fromFicketNo)
    dbText(Titel) dbText(Price) dbText(toTicketNo)

    BTW, where is the 6 in your example coming from?


    Jim Bennett
    Digital Metaphors

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