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I am trying to create a simple stacked bar chart. The only problem is that I
don't know in advance how many series there will be in the data. The user
can filter date ranges, employee number ranges, etc... at runtime.

I need a stacked bar chart graph. The bars would represent each month, the
individual stacked bars would be employee sales, so that the total height of
the bar would equal total sales for all employees.

My question is... Can I add a series to the chart using RAP at runtime?

I can't use delphi code beacuse we are using a report server that loads a
RTM file and a SQL file at runtime, loads the query, hooks to a
datapipeline, loads the template and then calls ppReport1.Print.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



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    You can add series to a chart at runtime in RAP, if you extend the RAP RTTI
    to do include the necessary Teechart classes and properties. See Valdir
    Stiebe Junior's post in today's general newsgroup postings.


    Jim Bennett
    Digital Metaphors

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    Do you have an example project and report which demonstrates this. I have
    searched the newsgroups, and I have seen references to demos in
    www.digital-metaphors.com/tips/... However, this link does not work. Please
    email me any demos you think would be helpful.



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    We don't have any examples you can download which are specific to Teechart.
    You can create the RTTI for other component classes as shown in the RAP
    demos and tutorials in your RBuilder installation. I pointed you to Mr.
    Junior's post in the general newsgroup as he says that he is doing the same
    thing and may be able to help you.


    Jim Bennett
    Digital Metaphors

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