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Source vs LIb: Unit raIDE was compiled with a different version of ppClass.TppCustomReport

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I have just upgraded to Enterprise 6.03, D6 (first un installing Pro
6.03) - downloaded today.

If my library path is to rbuilder\lib I can compile with RAP but if it
is rbuilder\source i get the indicated message. Does this mean the
source units (at least ppClass.pas) are different that what was used
to compile the dcu only rap modules?

I need to be able to debug into and potentially change some rb units
(at least to apply patches)


Rick Matthews
Dartek Systems Inc.


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    Sounds like you have older dcus/pas files on your machine. Make sure that
    you uninstal RB completely following the corrupt install cleanup
    instructions in the TechTips newsgroup in the Installation thread.
    Reinstall RB Enterprise 6.03 and then recompile.


    Jim Bennett
    Digital Metaphors

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    Thanks for the quick response. I will look up the TechTip.

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