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User search and 'Show all' checkbox status

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How do I find out using RAP if a user has selected the 'Show all'
cechkbox in the search dialog. I've looked at the help file describing
TppAutosearchfield, but couldn't find an obvious field.
At the moment I am using
Report.AutoSearchFields[0].SearchExpression, but this can contain a
value even though the user uses the 'Show all'

Paul Sjoerdsma


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    Yes, check this on the autosearch field objects in the OnGetAutoSearchValues
    event of the report: It should have a ShowAllValues property that you can
    check, just like SearchExpression. For RAP, the ShowAllValues property is
    not surfaced. You will have to write a RAP pass through function to access
    this property of TppAutosearchField. There are examples of creating RAP
    pass through functions in your RBuilder\Demos\RAP directory.


    Jim Bennett
    Digital Metaphors

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