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automatic populate date range parameter

edited February 2015 in DADE
using delphi 2007 + rb entreprise 12.04

how can i initialize a tppParameter date values automaticaly whithout using
RAP in each report like this :

Report.Parameters.items['DATE'].AutoSearchSettings.SearchExpression :=
FormatDateTime('01/01/yyyy', CurrentDate) + ',' +
FormatDateTime('31/12/yyyy', CurrentDate);

i ofen need to initialize date range with :
the last month
or the current year
or the last week

Best regards
Julien bertano


  • edited February 2015
    Hi Julien,

    I'm a bit unclear about your requirement. Are you trying to accomplish
    these date ranges in RAP code or would you like to initialize the
    parameters outside ReportBuilder in Delphi?

    If you are using RAP, my first suggestion would be to get this working
    in Delphi so you know which routines are necessary. Then move the code
    to RAP. If RAP does not have some of the needed routines (DateUtils
    routines perhaps) available, you will need to create a pass-thru
    function to access them. See the RAP demos on how this can be done.

    Also, you can give us a list of the routines you would like added to RAP
    for a future release and we will consider adding them.

    Moving forward, we hope you will consider upgrading to the latest
    version of ReportBuilder. Below is a link to all the new features added
    since RB 12.


    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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