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Checking the error logs of one of our customers server machine we see
that often when running (previewing) a report the following error is

NexusDB: : System has been illegally
re-entered. [$2107/8455].

This could indicate that there is some problem with threaded session
management in the Nexus database engine, even though our application
doesn't deploy any multi-threaded code. Is possible that any RB
multi-threaded code could by involved?

P.S. When a report is "run" a datamodule is created with all the
necessary components hooked together, you can probably work it our from
the class definition:

TnxRBExecuteDM = class(TDataModule)
Report : TppReport;
dsReports : TDataSource;
ReportPipeline : TppDBPipeline;
QReports : TnxQuery;
nxDatabaseMapper1 : TnxDatabaseMapper;
NexusRBDatabase : TnxDatabase;
constructor Create(aOwner : Tcomponent; aReportDetails :
TReportDetails); reintroduce;
{ Public declarations }

Thanks, Paul


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    Hi Paul,

    ReportBuilder uses threading for background printing, previewing in RB
    14 or later, and the Server.

    If you are not creating a server, you can disable threading by disabling
    Background Printing and setting the PreviewFormSettings.SinglePageOnly
    property to True. This way you can test if the RB threading is causing
    the issue.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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