Manual SQL with parameter

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Delphi 6, RB Enterprise 11.08.

I have a report where a child pipeline contains manual SQL (it uses UNIONs
and other identifiers not supported in the query designer). We then manually
link this pipeline to the master pipeline in the RAP
(lFieldLink1.DetailFieldName := 'Employee_number', etc). This works fine.

There is now the requirement that the child pipeline needs to use one of the
report's parameters. It cannot link to a field in the main report because it
is not an '=' operator, we need to do a '<' operation.

Can this be done? Can a pipeline containing manual SQL use a report
parameter? If so, what is the syntax please?



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    RB 11 introduced a number of new enhancements for Parameters, AutoSearch,
    and DADE, include the ability to perform data linking with manually edit SQL
    and to reference report parameters from manually edited SQL.

    You can probably get rid of the RAP code that does the manually linking.


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