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Hi, I use rb.12.04 and D2007 with dade functionality. When I customize
report I set Pdfsettings.scaleimages = true but when I save template
file into the file there'nt properties saved.

PDFSettings.EmbedFontOptions = [efUseSubset]
PDFSettings.EncryptSettings.AllowCopy = True
PDFSettings.EncryptSettings.AllowInteract = True
PDFSettings.EncryptSettings.AllowModify = True
PDFSettings.EncryptSettings.AllowPrint = True
PDFSettings.EncryptSettings.Enabled = False
PDFSettings.FontEncoding = feAnsi
PDFSettings.OpenPDFFile = True
RTFSettings.DefaultFont.Charset = DEFAULT_CHARSET
RTFSettings.DefaultFont.Color = clWindowText
RTFSettings.DefaultFont.Height = -13
RTFSettings.DefaultFont.Name = 'Arial'

Any ideas

Best Regards
Paolo Angeretti


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