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TppInspectorSelectionData - SelectionControllor is nil.

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RB 14.06 Build 284.

I have a custom RB component. It has some properties that is a list of properties that is preceeded with a '+' sign in the report designer object inspector. These properties can be changed without problem. However some of the sub properties is also a list of properties preceeded with a '+' sign. When I try to change these properties I get the following error: "TppInspectorSelectionData - SelectionControllor is nil."

If I go to, for example, the reports 'detail band' and click on 'background1-gradient-style' without changing the value I can then return to my component and I can then change the sub properties without an error.

Any direction/help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Tommy,

    Are the expandable properties of the initial expandable properties
    (second + level down) published? For instance, take a look at the
    TppBandBackgroundSettings class inside the ppBands.pas file. The
    properties the inspector needs to access are published to ensure they
    are registered when created.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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