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Range check error Printing to PDF with an image with a border

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Reportbuilder enterprize 17.02, delphi XE10.1:

When I print to pdf i get a rangecheck error in

as here the fPageHeightindex is 0 and FpageHeightStack is nil.

The problem appears to be (looking up the call stack) in :

PDFCanvas.InitialGraphicsstate appears to call PDFCanvas.Clear which
zeroes fPageHeightIndex and nils fPageHeightStack, before Drawborder
is called leading to the error above.

fix (i think) is to move //Drawborder If needed... ahead of either
RestoreGraphicsState or initialgraphicsstate????



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    Hi Chris,

    This issue was fixed for the latest version(s) of ReportBuilder. All
    active subscribers should upgrade to the latest version of ReportBuilder
    (RB 18.0) to receive this fix.

    Contact info@digital-metaphors.com for further upgrade information.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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