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RE: Group Break Emails

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Sorry if I'm muddling up the post thread with this. I haven't used a
message board before.

To test this I set the OnGetEmailSettings event of the group to:
"Report.EmailSettings.subject :='Test'" The subject of the resulting email
was "Test ['Grouped by field value']" it appears that the subject is still
being appended to somewhere after I set it in the OnGetEmailSettings event.

Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Thomas,

    Be sure to reply to the last message in the thread when responding.
    Currently you are creating new threads for each response.

    Please take a look at the help topic in the ReportBuidler Reference
    which is installed with the product. Access it through the Delphi help

    The RBWiki site is located at the following web address:

    Each group uses an internal EmailSettings object to send the email. You
    need to alter the EmailSettings parameter of the event in order to alter
    the subject. This is described in the help article.


    procedure TForm1.ppGroup1GetEmailSettings(Sender, aEmailSettings: TObject);
    TppEmailSettings(aEmailSettings).Subject := 'My Subject';


    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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