Sending selective pages via email

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I have a problem with sending emails.
I want send an email with an attachment. My report has 4 pages and i want
page 3 as an email attachment.

Page 1 -> File output
Page 2 -> File output
Page 3 -> Email attachment
Page 4 -> File output

Is that possible?

i use Reportbuilder 16.01 and Delphi XE.




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    Hi Christian,

    There is no automatic way to send specific pages via email in
    ReportBuilder while also exporting to file.

    I would suggest trying first exporting each page to file, then either
    manually sending the third page file (using our plugins if needed) or
    re-printing the report with the third page only and sending it.

    Take a look at the TppFileDevice.SendEmail routine in the ppFilDev.pas
    file for a good example on how to send email manually using our plugins.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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