pdf rendering of richtext?

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RB : 12.05
InfoPower 2011
Delphi XE

I needed to reinstall Delphi XE after I reinstalled the OS on my
computer. My application had been rendering the Woll2Woll richtext in
the PDFs but not since the reinstall. The richtext displays correctly
in the TppViewer. I have followed the instructions but I continue to
have issues. Is this a RB or InfoPower issue?

The rich text renders as OVERSIZED text in the pdf... as if it were
using 72pt font despite it being only a 10 pt font.

I've reinstalled RB and InfoPower perhaps 10 times but nothing is working.



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    Hi Jimg,

    This is not a known issue however RB 12.05 is a fairly old version. If
    you would like you can send me a copy of the report with issues and I
    can try exporting it with the latest version of ReportBuilder.

    Another option is to download a trial copy of the latest version of
    ReportBuilder and test with that.

    Send all files in .zip format to support@digital-metaphors.com

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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