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I am using RB15.04 / Delphi XE6.
When exporting to XLSData, I have 2 issues :

1) When exporting to XLSData, the cell borders are invisible.
Is there a way to leave the cell borders visible as in a new blank Excel
sheet ?

2) Is there a way to control the font of the data in the cells ?
It is now Tahoma 8.

Herman Bernaerts


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    Hi Herman,

    1. Text borders are honored in XLS Data as cell borders. If your text
    objects are not Transparent and/or have a fill color, the default "cell
    separators" that appear in a new Excel worksheet will be overwritten.
    Set your text objects to Transparent in order to retain these lines or
    give your text objects a border.

    2. The font of the text object in the report is the font used in the
    Excel worksheet. I did a quick test with 4 labels, all different fonts,
    and each label was the correct font in the exported XLS file.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Hi Nico,

    1. Since I was creating all the components at runtime, I had to set the
    property transparent explicitely to true 'TRUE', from then on, I got the
    default cell separators.
    (At design time the default value is 'TRUE')
    Thanks for the tip !

    2. solved also

    Great support !

    Best regards

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