XLS Data Export file is huge...

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We have SQL queries that return hundreds of thousands of records with
50+ columns of data and have been using IBExpert to "Copy Records to
Clipboard" and paste into a blank excel file to serve the data to our
data analysis team. I wanted to automate this process and decided to
create a Report Builder report and export it to XLS Data file. The data
between the two methods is identical in every way but the XLS Data file
is consistently more than triple the size of the file produced by the
manual copy/paste of the data into a blank excel file. Instead of a
33MB file, the RB XLS Data File version is 113MB. It is very difficult
to work with a file of this size as excel does not handle it well and
frequently reports the file is corrupt (Smaller files generated in the
same method with a smaller data sampling/return work fine but are still
more than triple the size of their manual copy counterparts) or takes
20+ min to open and then freezes very soon after. The same exact data
in the manual copy 33MB file opens without incident and is easy to work

Is there a reason the XLS Data File is so much larger?
Is there something I can do in the report setup to produce a smaller file?

Just so that my hardware is not in question by those reading this I am
working with an HP Elitebook 8770w running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
with 500GB SSD (with 60% free space) and 32GB RAM. I am using Excel 2013...
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