Converted pdf-file looks different depending on default printer

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obviously Reportbuilder questioned the default printer when creating a
pdf-file. I have a dataquery that returns two strings. Furthermore I
have a simple template that displays the strings in a DBMemo field.
After generating the report and converting it into a pdf-file the result
looks different depending on the selected default printer (here is
Is there any possibility to get consistent pdf-files unattached by
default printer?

Thanks in advance.



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    Oh sorry, I forgot:

    - Delphi XE4 Professional
    - Reportbuilder Enterprise Edition 15.01
    - Windows 7 Professional
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    Hi Michael,

    Is the text component in your report a RichText?

    If you preview this report to screen with separate default printers, do
    the reports appear the same?

    For RB 15, the PDF device no longer relies on the printer. All printer
    references have been removed from the PDF device. If you would like you
    can send me a simple example of your report an I will run some test to
    be sure this is function correctly. Send any examples in zip format to

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Hi Nico,

    the text component is not RichText.

    And yes, the screen preview is consistent for separate default printers.
    At least it seems so.

    I will send you a simple zipped project via e-mail as you offered.

    Thanks in advance


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