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Is it possible to send report output to a network printer via a UNC printer
name (i.e. \\ServerName\PrinterName)? I've tried assigning the UNC printer
name to the PrinterName property of the PrinterSetup object, but that does
not work and the property keeps resetting to "Default".

Trying to send report output directly to a UNC printer without having to
have a local printer setup on the machine.

Please advise how to accomplish this, if possible. Thx ...


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    Report.PrinterSetup.PrinterNames[ ] contains the list available printers.
    ReportBuilder builds this list by calling the Windows API EnumPrinters
    function. Check whether the printer name appears in that list. One simple
    way to check is to preview the report, press the Print button and review the
    list of printer names displayed by the Printer Dialog's combobox.
    ReportBuilder caches the list of available printers, if printers are being
    added/removed while the application is running, you can refresh the printer
    list like this



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