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What do I use to Export to XML?

Thanks In Advance.


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    Hi Joey,

    An XML export device is not currently a feature of ReportBuilder. This
    is something we have on our list of possible enhancements to research
    for a later release. Thank you for the feedback.

    If you need to export to XML so you can transfer reports over a server,
    you might want to check out ReportBuilder Server Edition. The Server
    Edition uses XML style reports to transfer from the server to client.
    Find out more information by going to
    http://www.digital-metaphors.com/server/ .

    You could also perhaps create a custom file device that creates an XML
    file based on a report similar to the TextFile Device. You would need
    to make a descendent of the TppFileDevice class located in the
    ppFilDev.pas file. The source code for the Text File Device is also in
    this file for an example of how a file device works.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Thanks Nico for the info. There is a very strong need for an XML
    export for our company. We have created a custom viewer where we can
    export to a file or email an export. 70% of the Television stations
    across the U.S. use our software to sell Advertisements spots. The
    Server method is out of the question. So is the Text File method.
    XML looks like it is becoming the standard.

    Yes please consider adding it to the next release.


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    Thanks for the info Nico. We would love to have an XML export added
    to the next release. We have created our own Custom Viewer that allows
    users to export to various extensions while the viewer is still up.
    They have started to request an XML export. We lease our software to 70%
    of the Television Stations in the USA. Within a year XML export will be
    Mission Critical based on current trending.

    Either method mentioned below is not feasible.


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