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TppPrinterSetup doesn't pick up the no of copies set up via Printer Properties

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Delphi XE
Report Builder 12.05 Build 224?

Using TppPrinterSetup [via either TppReport or TppPrinter] doesn't seem to
set up the number of copies when they are set though the Printer Properties.

TppReport print dialog has the Copies section and therefore Copies can be
set up there. But when setting up the no of copies in the Printer
Properties, it is not reflected in the TppReport print dialog.

TppPrinter print dialog doesn't have the no of copies section at all; the
only way to set them up - Printer Properties that doesn't seem to be
picked up by TppPrinterSetup...

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    Report.PrinterSetup.Copies always defaults to 1. It does not default to the
    windows Printers Properties value. The ReportBuilder PrintDialog has a
    section for Copies and Collation - it is displayed on the right.

    The Report.PrintSetup.DelegateCopies and Report.PrinterSetup.Collation
    boolean properties determine whether ReportBuilder handles generating the
    copies internally. By default DelegateCopies is False and Collation is True,
    which means that RB will generate the copies and send them to the printer.
    If you set DelegateCopies to True and Collation to False, then RB will apply
    the PrinterSetup.Copies value to the Windows devmode structure - the printer
    will generate the copies. Note that some printers do not support the Copies

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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    TppReport print dialog has a section for Copies and Collation section, but
    not TppPrinter print dialog.

    TppPrinter print dialog, on the other hand, has a Tray section that we also
    need. I wonder if it is possible to add Copies & Collation section into
    TppPrinter print dialog or add Tray section into TppReport print dialog?


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    Hi Irina,

    ReportBuilder only has one print dialog. The TppPrinter print dialog
    you mention is likely the printer driver's built-in print dialog.

    It is possible to customize the existing print dialog and add the
    features you need. See the following article on how to do this.


    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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