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Last record on the page is missing

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?I have an application which I developed for in-house use a long time
ago. It has been working fine for ages, printing to a LaserJet 5. Now
we have a Brother MFC-235C we have a problem.

The detail band consists of side-by side memos in a region.

The preview correctly shows the first page ending on, for example,
record 24 and the second page starting on record 25.

The printed report on the Brother, however, finishes the first page on
record 23 and starts the second page on record 25. It has silently
omitted one record.

The printout on the Brother appears to be scaled up slightly compared to
the printour on the LaserJet 5, which is why it will not always fit the
same number of records.

Delphi 5 Professional
Report Builder Standard Edition Version 7.03
Windows XP

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    Hi Bill,

    My first suggestion would be to upgrade your version of ReportBuilder to
    7.04 and see if that makes any difference. Contact
    info@digital-metaphors.com with your serial number and purchasing email
    address for upgrade instructions.

    If this does not help, be sure you are using the latest printer driver
    for the Brother printer you are printing with and that the margins are
    within the printable area of that printer.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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