Export to Excel - Memo field has Excel Wrap Text option on

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Using Delphi 2007, ReportBuilder Enterprise 12.03.

I have a report with a dbmemo field. The field is 7.3 inches wide and
set to stretch.

When exporting this report to excel, the cell containing this memo field
has the Wrap Text option set on and the cell width is 64 pixels. This
makes the field contents very long vertically and narrow in width.

The contents would look much better if the Wrap Text option for the cell
is off.

Is there any way to control this in the report definition (i.e. wrap
text is off)?

Phil Horst


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    XLSReport splits a memo into lines and exports each line to a separate row.
    The "wrap text" cell attribute is not set.

    XLSData uses the memo width and height to calculate a colwidth and
    rowheight. The "wrap text" cell attribute is always set. If you edit the
    cell attributes from Excel you can turn off the wrap text attribute and see
    the result. What you get is a single line that never wraps.

    Calculating column/cell widths in Excel is unfortunately not very accurate.
    The unit of measure is defined as 1/256th the width of the default font. But
    in practice it does not seem to be accurate, I think that is some kind of

    If you want to create a test case, you can send to support@ and I will run
    here using using RB 12.04.

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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