RTF Export, Rich Text on Report, missing letters

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We're using 12.04 Enterprise (although this problem is also present in
earlier versions) with Delphi 2009 and we have a problem with text being
truncated in some reports.

To attempt to reproduce it, create a plain report (our paper size is A4
portrait) and put a regular RichText field in it. Make the rich text
field 101.6 millimetres wide by 122.767 millimetres tall and set the
content to (apologies for the ridiculous text, I was trying to find
something to reproduce the error!):

Dear Sir,

It has come to out attention that your pupil frequently forgets his PE
kit and so has to sit out games lessons. He's a very naughty boy / girl
/ other and we will not stand for it.

Naughty, naughty parent for allowing this. Ummm, that's about it.

Thanks a lot.

Dave McDavison
Head of Daving.

Then make 'forgets' (line 1 of the body), 'other' and 'stand' (line 2),
the second 'naughty' (line 3) and 'Thanks' (line 4) bold. Set the text
to be fully justified.

The preview looks fine, but when the report is exported to PDF the last
letter of 'naughty' is missing, as is the last letter of 'other',
'stand' and 'Thanks' ('forgets' appears to be intact).

It's being truncated during the ProcessText() method of
ppRTFRendererText when it calculates the text as being wider than the
width of the RTFTextObject, and it only seems to affect bold text, if
that's any help to you.

Sorry for the long-winded explanation,

Steve Branley


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