Delphi 2010 - RB 12 - PDF generation using Thread application

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I am trying to do the following using the delphi / report builder versions I
described above:
A Report Server application that processes more than one report at a time.

I am encountering some problems using a very simple example and would like
to get some feedback / ideas from you on how I can try to workaround these

I built my test case with a simple main form whose only mission, at this
time, is to launch the report threads.
I have a "report form" that I repeatedly use in each thread.

I have a very simple report, with a manual chart (Report Builder version, I
don't have TeeChart installed for now) and a few report groups whose
visibility I control using the before print event.

I have turned off all the report dialogs (cancel, print, etc...) and I have
set the DeviceType to PDF.

My problem is:

As long as I launch one thread at a time everything works fine. The report
output is generated with no exceptions.
If I launch three threads simultaneously exceptions start to raise (access
violation kind, not very helpfull when trying to debug).

From what I could test, it seems to me that the problem occurs when several
files are being simultaneously written by the PDF generator.
If I call the ppReport.Print event using the Synchronize method everything
works fine. This is of course the opposite of what I am trying to do, which
is to be able to have simultaneous reports being generated.

I have tried a example of ppReport.PrintToDevices I found in your forum with
the same result.
I also tried a demo version of Report Builder server but from what I could
see I would face the same problem, I am able to establish several
simultaneous connections to the report server but only one report is
generated at a time (I used one of the demos on Report Server).

Do you have any ideias on how I can achieve this?
Any input is welcome. :)

Best regards and thank you in advance for your time,

Pedro Bento


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    I forgot to mention that I have also tried using the BackgroundPrintSettings
    properties in the ppReport.
    The result was a error message "Floating point division by zero".

    If you want I can send you my test project for you to take a look.

    Best regards and thank you in advance for your time,

    Pedro Bento

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    Hi Pedro,

    Yes, if possible, please send the test app you are using to in .zip format and we'll take a look at it for


    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Hello Nico,

    Just checking if you received my email with the test app I sent yesterday.

    Best regards,

    Pedro Bento

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