Text selection in generated PDFs

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we're using ReportBuilder 11.06's native PDF device to generate a
report, where an important part is the ability to select and copy text
from the output. However, if you try to select text from an RB generated
PDF, it only shows the selection as a very small underline, if at all
(tested in Acrobat Reader 7 and 9, and Fox-It Reader). It's almost like
some metrics aren't included in the PDF which should be. This makes it
awkward to select text.

I also tested it with TExtraDevices (which we used before RB's PDF
support was improved). The PDFs it generates allow proper text
selection, with an inverted selection rectangle the height of the text.

However, with TExtraDevices the TRichViews I got on the report aren't
included in the PDF. Before I go through the trouble of converting
everything back to TExtraDevices I'd like to know if this is a (known)
issue and if it would be possible to fix it in the RB PDF export?

Kind regards,
Mark van Renswoude
UnameIT we build IT B.V.


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