Slow Printing to HP PCL Printers

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Hi there,

We've got a DBISAM application with about 100 tables, Delphi 7 and RB 11.01.
We've just discovered one of the major reports our client prints 2 or 3
times each year is taking 6-10 hours to finishing sending the pages to the
It's a complex report and I'm a simple programmer, so I assumed I've done
the report or data structure poorly, and may well have.

We tried it in our office to a Brother Ink Jet 100Mb Ethernet and it
finishes sending all the pages, 2500, in about 10 minutes. We tried it to
our LaserJet 4350 which uses a PCL6 driver, 100Mb Ethernet, and it took 10
minutes to send 30 pages.

In the client's office they have 2 x LaserJet 8150 using PCL 5 drivers,
100Mb Ethernet, it takes 10 minutes to send 30 pages, if we send it to their
Kyocera 100Mb Ethernet Copier, again 10 minutes to swallow 2500 pages.

Any ideas on this.

Thanks and regards,


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    I recommend updating to RB 11.08 and retesting. There were optimizations
    made since RB 11.01 related to minimizing the number of times that RB
    initializes the printer devmode structure.

    You can send your serial number and registration details to info@ and
    request download info for RB 11.08.

    Another good test is to install a local printer, (i.e. as if the printer
    were connected directly to your machine) and then print the report the local
    printer to test how long it takes the print job to be created for the print
    queue. That takes any possible network issues out of the equation.

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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    Thanks Nard,
    I have tried setting up a local printer, where my machine prints directly to
    the IP of our LaserJet and it is still VERY slow, no noticeable change in
    I've got RB 11.08 I'll install it and test again.

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    Hi Nard,
    Upgrading to RB 11.08 fixed it. Dropped the time to send the document to
    the printer from 6 hours plus, to 4 minutes! Wow!
    Thanks and regards,

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