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Hi All,

I tried to use the StartJob method to iterate all the pages (using
PageCount) and then iterating all the draw commands (using Page.DrawCount).
I tried to access the Producer to get these details.

I was trying to do this during the StartJob but found the publisher hadn't
published yet.

Is there not an intermmediate method that i can override that will give me
access to all the reports pages and data before the ReceivePage event? I
want to go through all the reports details before they are iterated on for


Anton Bosch


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    StartJob enables an output Device to initialize itself /prior/ to pages
    being published.

    An output Device receives the pages as they are produced.

    A Producer may be a live Report, an ArchiveReader, or a ClientReport
    connected to a remote server.

    - TppReport
    - TppArchiveReader
    - TrsClientReport

    An output Device is connected a Producer. An output Device can request pages
    and can receive pages.

    An output Device has no concept of report. This separation is very powerful
    and important.

    Producer -- Pages -- Device --- output format (preview, print, PDF, etc).

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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