Waler & Excel Export Issue

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We are experiencing an issue with D2010 and the latest version of the Waler
components, we are using RB11.06

It appears that on larger numbers, we get a strange 031.xx value instead of
the correct number. It is not consistent, however, it does appear to happen
most often on larger numbers I.e. > 1000.00

Has anyone else experienced this behavior?

We have the TExtraDevices on our main form. I see where others have put it
on individual forms, however, we have close to 300 reports in this project
and that would be a job.


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    Did a little more testing and it appears that this is isolated to
    DBCalcFields. When summing a column, if the value is large it comes across
    as 031.xx. Exporting the file to other formats, I.e. pdf seem to export
    fine. Seems isolated to the Excel format.

    It happens on all of our reports, and it doesn't matter what settings on the
    excel Textraoptions object we set.

    We really need native Excel export support in RB!

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    I m also experiencing the same problem. Any Ideas?
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