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How do I create region in Footerband dynamically?

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Hi all
I want to put some different size pictures in the Footerband.
I don't know the amount of pictures before I print the report.
How do I create region and image components dynamically in the Footerband.


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    The FooterBand must always be static height. The height should be determined
    prior to calling Report.Print.

    For examples of dyanmically creating reports, see the Code Based thread of
    the Tech Tips newsgroup.

    To create a Region you would code something like this:

    myRegion := TppRegion.Create(myReport.Owner);
    myRegion.Band := myReport.FooterBand;
    myRegion.Height := myReport.FooterBand.Height;

    To create an image inside the Region:

    myImage := TppImage.Create(myReport.Owner);
    myImage.Band := myReport.FooterBand;
    myImage.Region := myRegion;

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

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    Nard Moseley
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