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I have downloaded the demo version of Report Builder version 6. Using
this component I'm able to print and Preview the report that I have created,
but I'm not able to save it to an Archive file (.RAF). I specified the file
name on my Desktop and set the ALLOWPRINTTOARCHIVE, SHOWPRINTDIALOG option
to TRUE. But still its not printing the output to Archive file. I have set
the DeviceType to ArchiveFile.

Do I need to do any morw settings to print the Archive file.

Rajeev R


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    It sounds like your are loading the report definition from file or database.
    After loading, the value of these properties is set to what has been saved.
    Try the following:


    ppReport1.AllowPrintToArchive := True;
    ppReport1.ArchiveFileName := 'C:\test.raf';'
    ppReport1.ArchiveType := dtArchive;
    ppReport1.ShowPrintDialog := True;



    Tom Ollar
    Digital Metaphors Corporation
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