put multiple archives in one report

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How can i put multiple archive files, in one report? What i do or want to do
is this.

Print multiple reports to an archive. And eventually put them all together
so that they would represent one report and so that they can be cancelled by
one keypress on the cancel button (instead of 50 times when you have 50
reports, which is not desirable).


Thomas Los


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    by the way i saw this post, only i have no clue on how to setup outlook
    express to fetch data from before februari
    Search in this newsgroup for Kevin Ugan's post on 1/20/2002: "New Component
    to Combine Archive Files."


    Jim Bennett
    Digital Metaphors

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    select the desired group in the explorer and call the right mouse click
    context menu
    properties - Local File - Reset

    Chris Ueberall;
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    Please email support@digital-metaphors.com and I can email you the utility.
    I'm gonna list it on our website, since it is being requested often from our
    support center.


    Jim Bennett
    Digital Metaphors

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