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Calc screen shows but doesn't allow me to do anything?

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Hi Team,
Win 10. D10.1. Latest RB Ent.
I have modified the End User example to create a tailored Report capability for my Customers.
All is working well except..
In the Designer the Calc Tab shows and I can click & view the Calc screen but it doesn't allow me to do anything.
I have probably either not included something, or unset something.

Advice/suggestions welcome.

Regards & TIA,


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    Hi Ian,

    If raIDE is included in your uses clause, the Calc tab should be present
    and available for your end-users to use.

    As a test, create a new project in Delphi, place a TppReport,
    TppDesigner, and TButton on the form and implement the OnClick of the
    button to show the designer.


    Add raIDE to your uses clause and run the application. Is the calc tab
    present and enabled for this simple app?

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Hi Nico,

    Test created per directions. As with my own project, the Calc Tab is there, I can go into it but it doesn't allow me
    to do anything.
    If for example I click on Header, it highlights in blue, when I then click in the Variables for Header the highlight
    deselects. If I right click in the Variables for Header area I get the popup menu but the options are all disabled.
    Again, the same as happens in my main project.

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    P.S. The same thing happens if I just build the Example End_User app only changing the source for the data.
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    Hi Nico,
    Just did a completely separate same test in a VM with Win 7 & D2007. Same result.
    Calc tab is enabled but when I select it, it doesn't allow me to do anything.
    Can't help thinking there is something not set/present.


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    On 20/09/2016 00:53, Ian Branch wrote:

    There is no object specific context menu for the Report Objects tree -
    right clicking there just allows you to toggle the "view" (Variables,
    Events, Module) for the pane. The "Events" view is the most useful. When
    you select something in this pane you get a list of appropriate "Events"
    in the upper right hand pane and then when you click in the "Code pane"
    in the lower left of the window you'll get an even handler stub created
    for the selected Event in the top right pane. You don't seem to mention
    any of this, so I'm not sure if you are a new/novice user that is a bit
    lost or an experienced user baffled by odd behaviour :)
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    Hi Paul,
    I have been away from RB for quite some time so I have forgotten more than I care to think.
    Anyway, I have just had another look and realised what I had missed.
    I hadn't put a calc variable on the design page for it to appear in the Variables pan in the Calc Tab.
    Once I did that it all came flooding back..;-)
    All sorted now. Perhaps the first thing I should have done was RTFM....

    Thank you, and Nico, for your support.

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