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Unable to open dataset: xxxx

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Hi Team,
Win 10, D10.1, latest RB, ADS v 12.

Working with the End User sample.

All built and run OK.

I can create a new report, open the Query Designer, Select a table, but when I go to Fields I get the above error.

It doesn't matter which of my files I try to 'open'.

I think I have the euDatabase set up correctly but I must have missed something.

Parameters I set were..

ADSCollation - OEM
AdsServerTypes - stADS_Local
ConnectPath to where the data files are.
DateFormat to dd/MM/ccyy
isConnected - True
LoginPrompt - False

I can open all the tables in table mode in the ADS ARC utility.

What have I missed please?

Regards & TIA,


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    I had totally forgotten that the files were in a Datadictionary and I was trying to access them as free tables.

    Sigh. It's been so long..

    Apologies for any inconvenience.

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