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Making Variable Invisible OnPrint

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Thanks for the great help recently. Everything going well until this...

Can not seem to make a variable invisible using the onprint to check for
values. This seems to work fine in other contexts, but not here.
In this case to get the values I need to show in the group Header, I
have used LookAhead for the variables.

Variables are in a group header band. Timing is OnTraversal, with reset
on end of this same group. In the case of a DBText, I can set the text
to "blank when 0". But in the case of a date variable, I do not have
that option, so have tried to set it to invisible in the OnPrint for the
variable. I can set it to invisible or visible there alright, but not
depending on the value. Have tried setting the value to 0, null, nil, or
some odd value - testing for that and conditionally setting invisible.

I thought I needed to understand how to read the date variable for "0"
or nil, but the same issue appears to be an issue with a simple integer
value here also.

Thanks for any clue!



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