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Observation - Error report on previous SQL

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Hi Team,

Really having fun now..

I have constructed an RB report based on another application's report.
My manually created report has 26 lines of SQL code according to the
Query Designer. No problem in and of itself. All works.

Having it available, I thought I would stick the other app's SQL into
the Query Designer using the 'Edit SQL' ability. 16 lines. No problem
until I clicked OK when I get an error report "DBISAM Engine Error #
11949 SQL parsing error - Expected column name but instead found
APInvoices.Posted in SELECT SQL statement at line 19, column 26." It
then went on with some hints around the issue.

Note: The error appears to be reporting on the old SQL, there was a
'APInvoices.Posted' in line 19, col 26 in the replaced SQL. No Line 19
in the replacing SQL.
Don't know if this a DBISAM or RB issue but it brings up two
1. If there was an issue in the Old, why wasn't it reported?
2. Why is it reporting an issue in the Old SQL rather than any issue
there may be in the New SQL?

I'm working OK so no issue there, just an observation on what appears
on the surface to be an error..



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    Hi Ian,

    This appears to be a caching issue. At what point are you changing the
    SQL? Is this at runtime in the end-user designer or at design time?
    Are you loading templates? From file or DB?

    We would need to see a working example of this in order to track down
    any issues however the best option might be to remove the DADE dataset
    altogether and create a new one for this particular case.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Hi Nico,

    It was at run time using the End-User app. I had designed the report
    and it was working fine.

    As an experiment, I went to the Data tab, opened the Data query
    designer at the SQL Tab, I right clicked on the SQL page said yes to
    Edit SQL and cut the old out and pasted the new SQL in.

    I hasn't caused any operation issues, just an odd thing.

    I can try to generate a short screen capture if you like?

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