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Change Autosearch Dialog Prompt

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Is there any way to change the actual prompt of the Autosearch dialog
via RAP?

I don't need to change the field alias - just the text of the prompt.

Currently the dialog displays:

'Show all data where the Date is on or after: .....' - with a calendar
drop down where Date is my field alias.

However - my report alters the search criteria to ALWAYS return just 8
days worth of data from the date entered, so ideally I'd like to dialog
to display:

'Show 8 days of information from this Date .....'

or something similar.

I can see how to change the field alias, but not the actual text of the




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    Hi Rod,

    It is possible to create a custom autosearch dialog to gain complete
    control over what is shown. See the example located in the following
    directory for how this can be done.

    \Demos\5. AutoSearch\4. Custom AutoSearch Dialog

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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