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Issue Right Justifying variables and dbcalc when exporting to rtf

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I am having an issue with the alignment of my reports when using
variables and dbcalc's set to right justify while exporting to an rtf
file. Is this a known issue or is there something that I can do to
address this?

Additionally It seems that there is also an issue with the rtf and xls
save to file not supporting layers such as an object that has a label in
it. Any information on this would be appreciated as well.

Attached is an example
John Gibson


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    I tried a simple test here with RB 12.04 and right aligned text and did not
    encounter any issues with rtf output. Check the designer Help | About to
    determine the exact version you are using. If you are not using RB 12.04,
    try updating and then retest. If you need download info, send your serial
    number and registration details to info@ and request it.

    The RB XLS devices export the data to cells. The data value, datatype, and
    display format are exported as separate cell attributes - this produces the
    highest quality output. It is not possible in XLS for any objects such as
    images, shapes, etc to appear behind shapes - so no support for z-order
    layering. See the RBuilbder help topics for TppXLSReportDevice and
    TppXLSDataDevice for details. You can use the Report.XLSSettings to exclude
    specific object types from being exported.

    RTF has similar limitations - the text is exported as if you were type it
    into the document yourself and thus objects cannot appear behind the text.
    Here is the link to an rbWiki article with tips for optimizing RTF output.
    And again if you are not using RB 12.04, I recommend updating and retest.


    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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