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Multiple instances of datamodule with report loadin .rtm file using wrong pipeline

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I have an issue where we have multiple instances of a datamodule that
contains a TppReport a designer and pipelines.

When loading a rtm file into the TppReport and then printing the report the
pipeline being used by the report is from a different instance to the
TppReport parent module.

There are multiple pipelines in instantiated with the same pipeline name but
with different parent instances.

Is there already an accepted solution for this?
Can make the load process use the pipelines from the TppReport parent in
preference over other of the same name that exist?




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    Hi Steve,

    ReportBuilder searches through all active forms and datamodules for
    available pipelines. If you have pipelines with identical names on
    separate datamodules, there will most likely be conflicts.

    One option is to only instantiate the form/datamodule being used when
    loading a template.

    Another is to keep all datapipeline names unique as each datamodule is

    The best solution is to use DADE to keep all data access related
    components local to the template itself. This ensures that there are
    never any conflicts of this kind and that each report template can have
    its own custom data logic.


    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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