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Application crash when using advantage database

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I'm developing using D2007 Enterprise and RB 12.04 Enterprise and Advantage
9.1. I have a report that occasionally (for me, the customer says it
happens all the time) when going from page 1 to page 2 the application
crashes with an advantage error (6401 Invalid Socket handle). I have looked
this up on advantages site and this is what they have posted:

This problem is related to third party (non-Microsoft) IP Socket Controls or
components which allow an application to create an IP connection. The
problem occurs when the third party component closes a connection which was
never successfully connected in the first place. In this scenario, the third
party component inadvertently closes the Advantage Winsock Communication
connection along with all Winsock connections from the application. Once the
Advantage Winsock is closed, a 6401 error "Invalid Socket Handle" and the
6627 error "System Not Initialized" will be generated. There is a Microsoft
version of the IP Socket Control which does not generate the problem.

I'm at a complete loss and could use any advice or suggestions. The
customer is getting a little irritated and I would like to at least tell
them I have a fix coming.

Thanks in advance,
Rodger Van Kirk


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    We have many customers using RB and Advantage successfully, have not heard
    of this error.

    RB uses simple TDataSet methods such as First, Next, Prior and GetBookmark,
    GotoBookmark, GetFieldValue.

    RB Server Edition uses sockets and we have no reports of customers receiving
    this error and I have never seen it in my work on RB Server Edition, which
    spans many years.

    I recommend running the report using the Delphi debugger. When the error
    occurs, check the call stack. Perhaps that will provide a clue.

    Test whether the error occurs on that one report or are any/all reports.

    Test whether the error occurs with other versions of Advantage (perhaps it
    is a bug in the version you are using).

    Try shutting down all applications on your machine, perhaps another app is
    interfering. Try shutting down any anti-virus software that is running.

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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