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rb12 porr performance vs rv7

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We recently migrated from rb 12

The point is that the qry rb 7 was executed two times.

In rb12 runs 3 times

Since 05/10/2009 we play this point and his answer was: (Nard Moseley)

"RB 11 includes enhancements to the SQL Text to allow AutoSearch and Linking
features. To accomplish this the Query has to rebuild the field type info
each time you modify the SQText."

Our problem is that performance with 12 rb really down too low.

We work with databases of up to 50 GB with very complicated statistics And
our customers instead of being happy with the new version, are very
frustrated and nervous because the list takes twice to process.

Please we need to give us a solution to the loss of performance.

For example:

If the report is not used "AutoSearch and Linking"do not rebuild the field
type info.

There must be the form of two properties setear

Autosearch: = False
Linking: = False

and then not to rebuild the field type info and so only run the sql 2.


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