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I noticed that for each Data Pipeline I create in the Data tab of the
ReportBuilder Designer a TdaDBISAMQueryDataView variable is created. Is
this a one-to-one relationship in that for each Data Pipeline create in the
ReportBuilder designer there will a corresponding TdaDBISAMQueryDataView
variable created? Will this TdaDBISAMQueryDataView variable always only
have one DataPipeline in the DataPipelines list/collection?

The reason I'm asking is because there a DataPipelines propert
(TdaDBISAMQueryDataView.DataPipelines) that can obviously contain multiple
DataPipelines but the Count always seems to be 1. Will this always be the
case for this scenario?

Under what circumstanstances would a TdaDBISAMQueryDataView variable have
multiple DataPipelines asssociated to it?



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    When using the DADE Query Tools, each QueryDataView will have a single

    When creating custom dataview classes, it is possible for a QueryDataView to
    contain any number of DataPipelines. For an example see
    RBuilder\Demos\EndUser\Custom DataViews.

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    Digital Metaphors

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    Nard Moseley
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