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Master Detail Using Pipeline Linking

edited October 2005 in Datapipelines
I have been attempting to set up my first master detail repot using
Datapipeline linking and 2 queries
I have now gotten to the point where my display is almost showing correctly.
My problem is that my first first master record prints off and the detail
that matches is the entire detail query

Once I traverse to the second,next, etc records the data is displayed
I am not sure if I have a setting incorrect and why the very first master
record displays the entire dataset as its detail.
i have a report the detail is grouped by territory, the subreport is placed
in the detail of the main report and both queries are ordered by territory

It should look like

Territory 1234
record 1
record 2

territory 1222
record 1
record 2

and so on

Any help would be appreciated as I am on a tight deadline and not familiar
with doing master detail reports


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