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JIT Master-Detail report - detail for last master not showing

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D7pro, RBPro9.02

I have a master/detail report set up, using two JIT pipelines linked by MasterFieldLinks (dataset is TRXMemoryData). This works really nicely EXCEPT that the detail records for the last master record do not appear.
I am using CheckBOF, CheckEOF, GetBookmark, GetFieldValue, GotoBookmark, GotoFirstRecord, GotoLastRecord, OnTraverseBy events.
I have checked that the data is sorted correctly, I guess that there is something going on when the master gets to EOF, but can't spot it. Do you have any ideas what might be causing this?

All the best

Will Dutson


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    I have tested DBPipelines with the RXMemoryData, instead of using JITPipelines. This works well, so problem solved. The reason I had not done this before is that I could not see a way of creating a link between the master and detail datasets, as an error is raised when I try to add fields to the DBPipeline (if table does not exist at design time). I got round this by creating the MasterFieldLinks at runtime, as suggested elsewhere in the newsgroup.

    Thanks for your help, and your great product

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