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ppDBPipeLine link to dataview

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Using RB7 and Delphi 6

I have a ppDBPipeline on the form which links to a query. this is the master
query and i want every thing to link off it. The users can create there own
dataviews in the data tab using the querywizard. If the creat more than one
query in the data tab they can then link them together which is great, But
the problem is I also require them to link to the ppDBPipeline.

Now both data structures can be seen in the report designer tab but they act
completly independent of eachother. This means that when selecting the data
source you can either select the ppDBPipeline with will traverse through the
Delphi Query object (being either ADO or BDE) but not move the dataview's.

What confuses me is that the Pipelines in delphi are capable of having a
master detail link and the reports pipelines are able to have a master
detail link, but i am unable to link them together. How can I do this? or is
it even posible?

I have done this before 3~4 years ago when RB was not capable of master
detail linking so i inherited your objects and created my own query wizards
and stuff which allowed master detail linking, so i know its very easy in
code to do, so I am just assuming i cannot find it. Unfortunatly I have lost
the code for my solution so i am hoping its posible with out me having to do
all the work again.

on a foot note, how do you use paramteres in the report as i cannot find a
reference to it in the docs. If you could point me to an example or a doc on
your web site i will be very greatful as this might provied a tempory

- Mike
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