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Recursive subreports

edited January 2003 in Datapipelines

we just upgraded to RB 7.01 and I was hoping to find a solution for the
recursive subreport-problem.

I'll explain once more and hope that you can give me a solution this time:

We have a database with Salesorder and SalesorderSection-tables.

The salesordersection table refers to itself like: TreeParent -> TreeId.

I created a simple report with nested subreports:

Main: Salesorder
Subreport1: Salesordersection
Subreport2: Salesordersection1
Subreport3: Salesordersection2

On the dataview I linked the 4 tables, the results in their preview window
are correct.
However if I preview the report: Subreport3 is not printed.

Using D5, RB7.01, IBO.

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