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Run Check Error when trying to print

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I'm using ReportBuilder v6.02, TExtraDevices 2.02 and Delphi 6

I have a Delphi application that is scheduled to run daily on a Server
(Windows 2000 Server).
When the application is executed, A Delphi generated range check error
message occurs in the code
at the point when the "print" routine is called. (I am trying to print in
PDF.) This occurs when the application is executed as a scheduled job and
The error does not occur on my development machine. Obviously, there are
many differences in the
configuration of servers and client machines, but has anyone come across a
range check error like this?



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    Hi Imran,

    a) try to find the code that raises the range check error.
    b) compile without range checking {$R-}

    Chris Ueberall;
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    Can you test with another device, such as the report emulation text file
    device? RB 6.02 is quite old, you can try using RB 7. There is a patch for
    RB 7 which addresses an issue with very large words in a wrapping memo
    causing this. This will be included in the next release too.


    Jim Bennett
    Digital Metaphors

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