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Table is full error

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I have just created my first Master/Detail report with the data pipelines
specified in a template in Report Explorer.

The master data pipeline extracts on statistics e.g. count, average, min,
max so I have used a Grouped query, which works fine.

I want to have a drill-down subreport to show all the records that make up
each of the master records, to allow the user to find the 'abnormal'

I have linked the three relevant fields between master and detail pipelines
and have ensure the detail pipeline uses the same autosearch criteria as the

When running the report, all is well when only a few records are selectd but
when many are selected I get a Cannot generate report - table is full error.

Have searched through the source code for 'table is full' but cannot find

Can you please give me some pointers as to what causes it, and which unit(s)
it occurs in?


Pete Colson


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