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Can I have an autosearch field in a JITPipline? How?




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    The autosearch demos in the installation show how to create autosearch field
    objects on the report at runtime. See the autosearch demo #2 which creates a
    filter on a table for an example.

    I think you might be getting confused because you've been using DADE and
    autosearch before (the easy way to do autosearch). The autosearch fields
    are not tied to a pipeline as it would appear to be when you are using DADE.
    When you create a dataview in DADE and create search criteria, the criteria
    object is stored persistently in the dataview. When you run the DADE
    autosearch criteria report, then the search criteria causes non persistent
    autosearch fields to be created on the report at runtime. When you aren't
    using DADE, then you have to create these autosearch fields manually in
    code. This is an advantage to using DADE. The end result is that the WHERE
    clause is created/modified to change the dataset to provide the correct

    In order to work with a JITPipeline and autosearch, you need to create the
    autosearch fields at runtime as shown in the Table Filter demo. The only
    other part that is needed is that you need to setup the JITPipeline to feed
    the new results. Since there is no WHERE clause or filter on the
    JITPipeline, you need to handle this differently. You need to set the
    RecordCount property of the JITPipeline to match the entered autosearch
    value(s). Then you need to perform code in your JITPipeline's event handler
    to get the field value based on the autosearch value(s). Depending on what
    you data is coming from, you may have to build a new data structure where
    you data can be intermediately stored to reflect the autosearch values.

    Another alternative is to build a memory dataset using a third party
    component that supports filtering. Search Torry's Delphi page
    http://www.torry.net/db_memory.htm for a list of components out there. ASTA
    http://www.astatech.com/news/AstaWebCacheDataSet.asp has also released a
    free memory dataset that supports filtering and indexing too.


    Jim Bennett
    Digital Metaphors

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